Branding and Design Agency Team Creatif Asia in partnership with market research firm Illuminate Asia and communications company Sunshine held its first Breakfast Event in Jakarta on 17 July 2019.  The topic du jour was “The Impact of Culture and Storytelling on Branding and Design in Indonesia” and was attended by over 30 brands including Indofood, Diageo, and Citibank.

“Culture across Indonesia has been changing rapidly over the last few decades,” says Team Creatif’s Roger Mulchandani.  “A big question we get asked regularly is how brands should react to cultural changes as they look to re-establish themselves for a younger generation,” he continued.  “And a big part of the answer is understanding true consumer insights in order to make better informed business decisions – and not just go with a ‘gut’ feeling.”

Illuminate Asia started the Breakfast Event with an interesting review of cultural trends across Indonesia and how smart brands can use semiotics as part of their overall communications strategy.  “As people, we are often subtly influenced by communications that are embedded with cultural signs and symbols – almost to a point that most of us don’t even realize that our behaviour is being influenced by these signs,” remarked Haris Rahmanto, Strategy Director at Illuminate.

Sunshine’s Indhran Seghar took these learnings and shared how successful brands effectively invest in excellent Storytelling in their communications to more effectively connect with consumers.  He shared that the content of Storytelling devices should be deeply embedded in local culture to show how brands have common ideals and values with their consumers, which helps them bring authenticity to their communication efforts.

Team Creatif Asia completed the event with sharing how some of Indonesia’s beloved brands like Indomie and Teh Botol have successfully evolved over time and remained relevant to different generations of consumers by understanding culture and storytelling and applying these learnings to their branding and design choices.  “People often think that design and branding is about nice-looking fonts and photography, but it’s so much more,” said Mulchandani.  “Seeing how leading local brands have changed their communications strategy over the last 30+ years proves how impactful being a part of the cultural conversation can be to a brand’s bottom line.”