Danone Fortifit - Case Study

Supplementing Active Lifestyles

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Health Supplements

The Brand

Danone’s Nutricia created Fortifit, a milk supplement that provides adults with an array of vitamins and minerals to support energetic lifestyles and wellbeing.  With greater awareness, we see adults focused on remaining healthy and active well into their later years and thus appreciate high quality supplements that support their bodies and mindset to remain strong regardless of age.  Fortifit address these needs by providing a nutrition-rich formula in a convenient once-a-day drink.

Our Big Idea

Given that Fortifit is a new brand and this was Nutricia’s first foray into adult supplemental milk in Indonesia, we focused on creating a strong brand identity and pack structure which clearly highlighted the major benefits of the product and provided flexibility for future line extensions. An Engine was created for the brand’s proprietary 4BeFit formula and strong color branding and iconography was exercised to ensure the new brand stood out at-shelf and across digital channels.