Indofood Sambal - Case Study

Making Sambals Even Hotter

Branding Packaging Design Strategy
Condiments Sauces

The Brand

Building on Indofood Seasonings new global design platform, the Indofood Sambal range has also been updated to appeal to younger consumers. The sambal or hot sauce category is extremely competitive so our objective was to present this range in a much more modern youthful way that reflected well both on-shelf and more importantly on digital media.

Indofood_Sambal-(Before) Indofood_Sambal-(After)

Our Big Idea

Our market loves spicy food, and this product range is catered to all ages who like to experiment their limits and try different level of spiciness. The Indofood Sambal range is split into two: Spicy which focuses on real hot ingredients front and center, and Spicy Mix which integrates enhanced design cues to present the flavor’s origins. For this range, we departed from the more traditional food photography to an illustrated version of ingredients that appeals more to younger consumers. This is to make sure that the consumers are clearly aware that Indofood is using only the best ingredients to make their sambal sauces, but also showing that Indofood are aware of the current flavor trends.