Indomie Kuliner Indonesia - Case Study

Bringing the Rich Tastes of Exotic Indonesia to Everyone

Branding Packaging Design Strategy

The Brand

Indomie, Indonesia’s most iconic and beloved instant noodles brand is modernizing its Kuliner Indonesia range, which highlights the different local flavors of Indonesia. The brand seeks this opportunity to update the existing design but still stay close to Indomie’s strong global brand identity.

Indomie-Kuliner-(Before) Indomie-Kuliner-(After)

Our Big Idea

While maintaining the iconic logo of Indomie, we created a structure with the idea of a traveler collecting postcards during their travels across Indonesia. Our aim was to highlight the colorful and diverse culture of Indonesia within the design in terms of structure, illustration and retain the strong color branding related to flavors which are vital for instant noodles.