Indomilk UHT 1L Milk and Good Milk for Kids - Case Study

Presenting Nutritious and Accessible UHT Milk Through Showcasing Purity

Branding Key Visuals Packaging Design Strategy

The Brand

With a new Brand Positioning of “Feel Good Dairy”, Indomilk’s objective is to grab Mom’s attention and become the First Brand of Choice for all things dairy as the brand offers a full range portfolio for Families, including UHT for KIDS.


Our Big Idea

As the mainstream UHT milk, Indomilk provides life stage nutrition. It’s 950ml UHT Milk caters towards Moms with kids, so we created a new sub-brand “Good Milk” which represents the natural goodness of the product offered. The design ideas were inspired by the green landscape where the good quality milk is produced, highlighting aspects of freshness, brightness, natural and purity.

For the Milk for Kids SKUs, the same concept was applied to clearly show the benefits kids need in their prime developmental stages.

Both versions of Good Milk achieve a consistent structure despite different USPs and target consumers.