Indomilk Good To Go - Case Study

Fulfilling On-the-Go Cravings with Healthy Dairy

Branding Key Visuals Packaging Design Strategy

The Brand

Indomilk Good To Go is an easy breezy beverage for an all-day pick me up. The product offers a “milk +” option which contains nutritious cereals that busy young professionals can appreciate to satisfy hunger cravings during demanding schedules.


Our Big Idea

Start your day with nutritious on-the-go breakfast! The highlight of the design was to showcase the naturality of the 4 main cereals:  wheat, oat, malt and brown rice. The pack structure is clear with easy eye-tracking which allows our consumers to instantly understand what the product is offering. The master design integrated the new overall Indomilk “watercolor” scheme, but extra attention was placed to ensure Good to Go had a more organic look and feel with the combination of the 4 cereals and Banana/Chocolate milk.