Indomilk Teen Milk - Case Study

Capitalizing on K-Culture with Nutritious Dairy

Branding Key Visuals Packaging Design Strategy

The Brand

Indomilk UHT 180ml relaunched specifically targeted towards Gen-Z and Millennials, with overall branding and flavors inspired by the growing Korean trends which offer unique tastes. Given the very large teen segment that enjoy K-Culture, Indomilk took the opportunity to make this range with real Korean fruits/ingredients.

Our Big Idea

With Hallyu trends becoming a global phenomenon, our main brand idea came from how simple, bright and fun Korean beverages are.  The brand developed four unique Korean-inspired flavors; Jeju Chocolate, Korean Strawberry, Busan Vanilla and Seoul Banana.  We wanted to ensure that the actual fruit depictions were playful enough to interact with its audience across digital channels. With a dynamic design and pastel color scheme, it helps the range to stand out on busy store shelves.  We further enhanced the sense of curiosity by including a touch of Hangul words on-pack, which helps Indonesian K-fans make the connection between enjoying the same types of drinks their “idols” enjoy in their everyday life.