Danone SGM - Case Study

Powering the Nation for the Next Generation

Iconography Packaging Renewal Strategy
Infant Formula

The Brand

SGM has been the category leader in Indonesia since 1954, providing several generations of moms with infant formula and growing-up milk for their children.  Given the country’s population, the necessity for nutrition-rich formula offered at reasonable pricing has never been stronger.  And now as Indonesia evolves, it is more important than ever that heritage brands like SGM evolve with it.  

SGM-Before SGM-After

Our Big Idea

We explored several concepts and decided on “Every Drop Counts” as the theme for SGM’s new packaging design and communications platform.  Beyond a modernized, well-balanced pack structure, we also developed stronger sub-brand identities for Ananda and Eksplor as well as a new engine for the unique formulation of SGM’s Progress Maxx.  Each layer of iconography was developed to deploy across various communications channels to ensure consistency between on-shelf packs and advertising.