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Portfolio 1


Completely new beer brand Singaraja was launched in 2019 to compete head-on with dominant Indonesian pilsner brands Bintang and Anker, specially formulated for Indonesian palettes and marketed towards today’s high-growth millennial market. Challenge Our challenge was to create a full design concept and execution that would credibly and effectively introduce Singaraja to a large, diverse …

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Portfolio 5

Mix Max Alcopops

Mix Max alcopops are a low-alcohol alternative to beer and spirits introduced in 2013. The brand focuses on offering exciting flavors targeted towards highly social age-appropriate millennials. Challenge Our challenge was to re-energize the look and feel of Mix Max to be more attractive to urban millennials and compete effectively with more engaging, youthful international …

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Portfolio 10

Chocolate Monggo

Chocolate Monggo is an Indonesia-based artisanal chocolate brand created by a bonafide Belgian chocolatier. The brand offers dozens of high-quality, innovative chocolate products across multiple formats available at specialty cafes, up-market grocery stores and Duty-Frees across Indonesia. Challenge Given its high level of growth over the last few years (and resulting variety in packaging and …

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Portfolio 15


IABF is an internationally-recognized law firm based in Indonesia providing advice on corporate and commercial law for companies of all sizes – Blue Chips to Start-ups. Challenge As a law group focused on attracting foreign companies to assist them in managing Indonesia’s complex legal and regulatory ecosystem, IABF needed to modernize its overall corporate branding …

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Portfolio 19


Pringles is the iconic potato chip snacking brand with global scale and reach. With dozens of flavors in different markets around the world, the brand aims to constantly innovate its offerings to appeal to local tastes and preferences and thus remain relevant in a highly competitive space featuring global, national and craft brands. Challenge Pringles’ …

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Portfolio 24

Mie KremezZ

Mie KremezZ is a noodle-based snack from TPS Foods which plays in a more innovative snacking category. Challenge Mie KremezZ innovative approach to a different type of snacking category requires sharing how the product is best enjoyed: unique flavors packed separately and “mixed” into the core product by consumers to serve both as a functional …

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Portfolio 31

Nutrilon Royal

As the leader in Indonesia, Danone’s SGM brand of infant nutrition launched a new line of Ready-to-Drink (RTD) products to extend its brand’s offering to address a growing child’s nutritional needs. Challenge To introduce Nutrilon Royal’s new upgraded formula featuring “Acti Duobio+” through visually-appealing new packaging which informs new moms of its value while still …

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Portfolio 37


Nutricia’s Bebelac brand focuses on infant nutrition that comes with love. Bebelac’s new and improved formula to support child growth provided an opportunity to re-present the value and efficacy of its brand to mums and dads. Challenge How do we re-invigorate a much loved brand and cleverly present its core promise to show consumers the …

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Portfolio 41


For more than 30 years VIT mineral water has become one of the leading suppliers of bottled water in Indonesian. VIT uses a specially designed and controlled filtration process which makes VIT unique. Challenge Revitalize VIT’s branding and packaging to be less feminine and more universally appealing to a younger, more adventurous and ever changing …

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Portfolio 46


Chizmill is a cheese-based snacking brand from Indonesian FMCG group Orang Tua. Challenge To create a new brand identity for Chizmill that was more attractive to a younger generation of consumers in the increasingly competitive space of cheese-based snacks. We also had to ensure that the new brand identity would work well for upcoming new …

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