Chizmill is a cheese-based snacking brand from Indonesian FMCG group Orang Tua.

Chizmill 1


To create a new brand identity for Chizmill that was more attractive to a younger generation of consumers in the increasingly competitive space of cheese-based snacks. We also had to ensure that the new brand identity would work well for upcoming new product development and line extensions.


The creation of Chizmill’s unique memory asset: the “smile” icon to represent happiness and tastiness of Chizmill snacks. We also introduced Blue as its new color branding, allowing the brand to stand-out from the competitors’ sea of Yellow (the obvious choice for cheese-based snacks). The new packaging’s simple and clean structure provides a more premium look and feel, further allowing it to be more prominent on-shelf.

Chizmill 2
Chizmill 3
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