Offering a modern take on the ancient Javanese health drink Jamu, Jagak was created to re-introduce a very traditional tonic to a younger, more health-conscious generation of Indonesians.

Jagak 1


To introduce a completely new brand to the market by creating a contemporary brand identity supported by attractive packaging design that appeals to a modern health-conscious Indonesian population not so keen on traditional “health tonics”. Given New Product Development plans, it was important to create a brand structure that would easily accommodate new flavors and formulations of Jagak.


A smartly-designed brand identity that clearly communicates the natural, complex ingredients and health benefits found in Jagak housed within a modern packaging structure that is appealing to a younger market who are not traditional consumers of Jamu-type drinks. Since Jagak is a new brand entirely, we focused on key branding elements that would not only stand out at-shelf, but also be attractive and share-worthy across Social Media.

Jagak 2
Jagak 3
Jagak 4
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