Mie KremezZ

Mie KremezZ is a noodle-based snack from TPS Foods which plays in a more innovative snacking category.


Mie KremezZ innovative approach to a different type of snacking category requires sharing how the product is best enjoyed:  unique flavors packed separately and “mixed” into the core product by consumers to serve both as a functional and enjoyable snacking experience.  As the brand is geared towards the youth market, specific needs had to be considered that balanced product education with eye-catching design which encourages trial and repeat consumption.


A totally re-energized approach to its previous packaging by highlighting only the key elements of the product (brand, flavor, application) whilst retaining a design that appeals to young consumers and their curiosity to try a different type of snack.  The revised brand architecture was developed to be adapted across multiple line extensions and packaging formats which would allow Mie KremezZ to be better recognized as a master brand focused on innovative snacking.