Mix Max Alcopops

Mix Max alcopops are a low-alcohol alternative to beer and spirits introduced in 2013. The brand focuses on offering exciting flavors targeted towards highly social age-appropriate millennials.
Mix Max Alcopops 1


Our challenge was to re-energize the look and feel of Mix Max to be more attractive to urban millennials and compete effectively with more engaging, youthful international brands. The packaging needed to accentuate the vivid colors and flavors of each Mix Max variant to drive trial at point-of-purchase whether than be in bars or crowded supermarket shelves.


A total redesign of Mix Max branding and packaging – from logo and font-types to label structure which more effectively utilizes eye-tracking fundamentals. The full range now portrays a feeling of coolness, refreshment, and excitement as well as a level of curiosity given that alcopops are relatively new to the Indonesian market. Particular attention for Mix Max’s redesign was focused on better rendering across multiple digital channels to complement the brand’s communications and advertising strategy.

Mix Max Alcopops 2
Mix Max Alcopops 3
Mix Max Alcopops 4
Mix Max Alcopops 5
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