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As the leader in Indonesia, Danone’s SGM brand of infant nutrition launched a new line of Ready-to-Drink (RTD) products to extend its brand’s offering to address a growing child’s nutritional needs. Challenge Parents understand that SGM Explor is a powder-based milk product that aids their child’s nutrition. Although counting on its strong reputation, SGM’s entry …

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Jagak Offering a modern take on the ancient Javanese health drink Jamu, Jagak was created to re-introduce a very traditional tonic to a younger, more health-conscious generation of Indonesians. Challenge To introduce a completely new brand to the market by creating a contemporary brand identity supported by attractive packaging design that appeals to a modern …

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Tango Tango Wafers is a leading biscuit brand that has been in-market since 1995 providing a variety of flavors for its affordable wafers across Indonesia, and most recently abroad. Challenge Operating in an extremely competitive sweet snacking space, Tango Wafers required a more contemporary look and feel that would identify better with moms and kids …

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