As the leader in Indonesia, Danone’s SGM brand of infant nutrition launched a new line of Ready-to-Drink (RTD) products to extend its brand’s offering to address a growing child’s nutritional needs.



Parents understand that SGM Explor is a powder-based milk product that aids their child’s nutrition. Although counting on its strong reputation, SGM’s entry into the RTD market presented a challenge as their loyal customers did not connect milk powder with a RTD. The drink’s uniqueness was on highlighting the value to brain development of its proprietary formula called Complinutri – nutrition adapted from the goodness of SGM’s original milk powder formula and enriched with Choline, Omega 3 and Omega 6. Given strong regulatory issues in communications as well as having to adapt global brand guidelines, the new packaging identity had to meet a number of varied objectives which would ultimately made sense to regulators and customers alike. 

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Given the “shelf-blocking” effect of SGM’s strong Red color branding, we utilized Red predominantly on packaging, and enhanced it with Platinum and designed a more 3D look to the product’s nutritional Engine to reassure moms that SGM’s new Aktif RTD has the same complete goodness of the original SGM Eksplor range.

We also created a new mascot performing a variety of activities for the SGM Aktif range with the purpose of attracting kids’ attention and further influencing moms that this product range helps their children’s early development – all while keeping the original feeling of “attractive and fun” of the original SGM branding.

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