Completely new beer brand Singaraja was launched in 2019 to compete head-on with dominant Indonesian pilsner brands Bintang and Anker, specially formulated for Indonesian palettes and marketed towards today’s high-growth millennial market.

Singaraja 1


Our challenge was to create a full design concept and execution that would credibly and effectively introduce Singaraja to a large, diverse market against very strong competitors who have been operating for decades.


We began by designing the main key visual Singaraja (“King of Lions”) that integrates deep cultural cues with a complex execution that vividly brings out the boldness and strength of Singaraja for a new generation. Understanding that Singaraja’s key visual icon needed to render well across digital channels (social and e-commerce), we paid particular attention to logotype, illustration, and depth so that today’s consumer would instantly identify with the new brand wherever they first gain awareness of Singaraja.
Singaraja 2
Singaraja 3
Singaraja 4
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