Tango Wafers is a leading biscuit brand that has been in-market since 1995 providing a variety of flavors for its affordable wafers across Indonesia, and most recently abroad.
Tango 1


Operating in an extremely competitive sweet snacking space, Tango Wafers required a more contemporary look and feel that would identify better with moms and kids alike. Given the strides that food packaging design has taken since the previous design of Tango was launched, our goal was to modernize its overall design by focusing on elements that more effectively showcased taste, texture and flavor.


The creation of a cleaner, smarter pack design (across multiple formats) that centers on vivid design features which stack-up well against international and domestic brands at-shelf. We focused on photography style and staging that more clearly conveys the ingredients and “deliciousness” of Tango Wafers whilst integrating key visual cues of the more familiar Tango master brand.
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