Packaging design is a hyper-dynamic and rapidly evolving element of a company’s brand identity. Every couple of weeks, consumers are bombarded with a plethora of new and revamped packaging design. Despite all of that, most packaging design in the market follows seasonal or annual trends; which is often based on the a few basic design concepts. In this article, we have listed some of the most popular packaging design trends followed by the best branding companies to get you started.

Flat Illustration
While we have seen flat designs centered around colors and shapes take centerstage in recent times, flat illustration is mostly a different concept altogether. Dating back to the Swiss Style of the 1920s, flat illustrations are often used as simplified shapes that enables text to become more prominent in the design. Stripping away excessive 3-dimensional effect, it brings forth a certain clarity to the design.

Minimalist Design
Minimal is the new way to go. Design have trended away from the days of where brashness and brightness coupled with bright, vibrant colors are favored. In recent times, minimalist design has become a new way to bolster a brand’s personality and showcase its simplicity. In packaging, it allows the integrity of your actual product to shine and speak for itself. Before you design to remove every element of your design, it is important to note that it is a dedicated art to keep the essentials intact. This ensures that your customers have easier time paying attention to what really matters – your product.

Bold Colors
Bold colors stand out and strike the eye well in an area filled with numerous shades without involving much effort. Indeed, bold is the new gold. It is hard to miss out on the impact bold colors have in the fashion industry; it is the same for packaging.

Pastel Colors
In contrary to bold colors, pastel colors are one of the reasons they go well with subtle messages wanting to stand out of the clutter of loud designs. It is one of the ways to be seen and heard without making an unnecessary fuss in an area that is filled with flashy and noisy features.

Bold Typography
Bold is beautiful and bold is big. It speaks clear and loudly, leaving no room for doubt. This helps in leaving a message loud and clear without any scope of dilution or distortion. It has become a trend to find bold and big typography in packaging design to showcase a strong and assertive brand personality.

Custom Elements and Shapes
Based on the relevant context of communication, custom elements and shapes are made to fulfill the need of the hour such as the hand-drawn illustrations giving a unique touch to branding. It is not necessary for them to be perfect or symmetric in proportion and size but more a trademark style. What more can you want than an original touch!

Unusual Materials & Shapes
The unusual does not fail to be noticed or at making an impression. It is the same when it comes to design including everything from weird shapes to any kind of material. With the types of tools available today it is easy to execute ideas that are not so common. No material is wrong, and no shape is odd.

Gradients in Packaging
Traditionally known as color transitions, it involves the blend of more than one shade of color. While being extremely versatile, it is often used in to elevate a design by using vibrant colors shades. Adding depth without being excessively loud, gradients creates interesting feel that is surely a great way to break away from the boring and dull flat design.

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