Pour Les Enfants De La Rue (PER) Charity - Case Study

Creating Branding Assets for a Beautiful Cause

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Corporate Branding

The Brand

Pour les Enfants de la Rue (PER), a French/Indonesian social welfare association, aims to improve the daily life and education of street children, orphans, and children/young adults from marginalized families living in Jakarta, in order to create a better and sustainable future. Since its creation in 2000, PER has been progressively expanding its activities from initially supporting street children to working with centers caring for disadvantaged children and youth living in the greater Jakarta area. Beneficiaries currently receiving assistance from PER now include some 170 children, from toddlers to 18 years, who are at a disadvantage due to socio-economic circumstances or physical disabilities.

Our Big Idea

As a charity close to our hearts, we wanted to help PER in creating a professional brand identity in order to attract both corporate and personal donors to its cause, and provide a branded template to deploy across its fundraisers and youth centers across Jakarta.