Indofood Racik Seasoning - Case Study

Bringing the Rich Flavors of Indonesia Home

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The Brand

As Indonesia’s largest FMCG group, Indofood decided to redesign its entire seasonings range for a more modern, younger consumer. “Racik” in Bahasa Indonesia refers to homemade ingredients for a specific dish to allow consumers to create convenient, quick and easy ways to cook delicious traditional Indonesian fare.

Indofood_Racik-(Before) Indofood_Racik-(After)

Our Big Idea

Given that young Moms are Indofood Racik’s primary target, our new design platform shows a much more modern design architecture whilst maintaining RACIK’s DNA of quality and trustworthiness, especially since the brand has been a category leader for many years.  We integrated much more appealing food presentations which focus on the real quality ingredients to ensure that new Racik line provided products that moms can trust. Special focus was deployed to ensure pack architecture consistency across different recipes and categories to ensure on-shelf recognition to allow Racik to maintain its leadership position.