Indofood Kecap Manis - Case Study

Reinventing a Traditional Sauce for a New Generation

Packaging Renewal Strategy
Condiments Sauces

The Brand

As one of the region’s largest FMCG conglomerates, Indofood’s wide range of sauces are marketed as high-quality yet affordable everyday cooking condiments to ensure families enjoy a tasty meal at home.


Our Big Idea

Understanding that a new generation of young adults enjoy cooking at home for themselves and their families, and also the increased awareness of the benefits of using more pure ingredients, we decided to radically redesign Indofood’s Kecap Manis offering by focusing specifically on few key ingredients that make up this sweet soy sauce (soy beans and natural sugar) set upon a more natural setting. We also amplified the Indofood Yellow and removed the food shot entirely in order to drive more attention at-shelf and ensure the overall design worked effectively in all packaging formats including pouch and bottle.