ZENKO - Case Study

Superfood snacks with a big personality

Branding New Product Development Packaging Renewal

The Brand

Zenko Superfoods is a Singapore-based start-up whose mission is to discover highly nutritious superfoods across Asia from which to develop and manufacture delicious snacks to a health-conscious global market.

ZENKO_Before ZENKO_After

Our Big Idea

Our objective was to re-imagine how best to present superfood snacks in way that was appealing and tasty to a wide audience who may be a little weary of “healthy snacks”.  Given that Zenko was a new player in the snacking market, we had to ensure that its new design was vivid enough to stand out at-shelf and across social media in what is an extremely crowded marketplace.  We took key Distinctive Memory Assets of the original Water Lily Pops design (water lilies, scenery, and pops) and radically redesigned the packaging to highlight all the key benefits to encourage trial and repeat purchase across a variety of flavors.  We also developed a global template for forthcoming Zenko Superfoods product pipeline, which was exercised in the brand’s newly launched Ancient Grain Clusters.